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[FONT=Verdana]Well I have defiantly become immune to those. But like I said I was smoking SB Christmas Mix for the first time this afternoon and it just wasn’t that strong. It was pretty good but I can’t pick up on all the flavours like I use to. Also I tried SB Blue Mist last night for the first time because I heard how good it was, and nothing. It smells nice but I can’t really taste it all that much. I could tell there was some mint in there because of the cooling effect in the back of my throat. See but with some really strong flavours like Tangiers Horchata which I love, I can really taste it just because of how strong it is. I don’t know I have probably been smoking to long and should take a break for a few months that may be the reason why.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]I would say that I probably smoke 1 - 2 a day missing a day or a week.[/FONT]
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