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I just got finished listening to a CD Sambooka sent me. It is a best of Elton John and Liberace CD and I felt moved to write a parody tune. This is to the tune of "Candle in the Wind" it's called "Scandal in the Bowl" I hope you like it, like to hear it here it go!

Goodbye Al Fakher
You used to be the best cheap tobacco of all
But something happened to your quality
That caused your product to fall
People sang your praise endlessly
Rambling like they were insane
Now your shisha tobacco is lack luster
And your supporters hide their face in shame


And it seems to me your tobacco is
Like a scandal in the bowl
Tasting great in one batch
But the next tastes like a$$hole
And I wish you were still great
But your quality has slid
Your shame will live on
Like your legend never did

The competitions tough
But you had them by the throat
You took shortcuts in quality
And your customers got prison poked
Now that you have died
Some diehards can't handle it
They can cheer all they want
But the truth is your product's sh!t!

Back to chorus

Goodbye Al Fakher
That guy Sam in FL A
He sees your grape as something sexual
But it's not as good as White Grape by AA
Tangiers =

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