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[FONT=Verdana]I am going to go out tonight and get some heavy duty reynolds wrap see if it helps. It’s not that I can’t taste anything it’s just very weak. But Tangiers has such strong flavors that normally I can taste it much longer. But yeah Tangiers can smell like a BBQ if it’s not done right, Tangiers should smell and taste like the flavor it says it is.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]A friend of mine has been smoking for around 6 years and I am pretty sure he has the same problem. Not as bad as me but still not like it use to be. [/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]I don’t think it is the setup I am going to try now with different foil and I am going to get a new windscreen mine broke. But the hookah is very clean except for the base I have tried everything but I still cannot that smell out totally.[/FONT]
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