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Originally Posted by esisomsun View Post
more AF hate'n threads! LOL!

no lie, im not a big fan of AF anymore

i just purchased 2x50gs lastnight of AF Caffe Latte & AF Cappucino ;xxxx

im anxious to try the flavors but not too anxious bc its AF, its a hit/miss

ill review after i smoke, i might change my mind about AF's coffee flavors, these 2 i picked up smells pretty darn good
This is what happens with al fakher you get a good batch once and your hooked on it like a crack addict . then you go to the store and get another tub and its nowhere near as good as the first time so you go buy so many tubs to try to get that first time taste like a junkie trying to achieve his first high effects. if it was consistent the company wouldn't have any competitors the would kill the market

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