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Originally Posted by hookahlife View Post
Hey Speel,

As a vendor we try our hardest to enforce quality control on the items we pick up. Unfortunately since most of the hookah products are made overseas and given the relatively young nature of the hookah industry, there isn't a standard that can be set on quality control like in many other industries with certifications like ISO.

As the industry progresses here in the U.S., I can guarantee that those of us who really care about quality and not just margins will lead the way with new and improved products that bring consistency, flavor and beauty. Give it some time, but it will come!

Hookah Life
Hey Eugene thanks for the reply , well I didn't mean like manufacturing quality control but more along the lines of personal quality control. For instance I work in a wine store, if the manager doesn't like the taste of the wine, he decides to not carry it. So kinda along the lines of that. But of course if AF is your top seller you wouldn't pull it from your shelves. So the vendors descression should be enough to filter out the bad brands.
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