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Default Re: need an expert opinion

Originally Posted by r4g3dSkillz View Post
I'm getting a new hookah for the holidays. My friend got this model w/ one hose last year and it smokes amazing. Here is a link to both pages... Some of my other friends from the Rutgers IT dept told me double hose absolutley sucks even with the autoseal technology.

which one would you prefer and why? Money and time isn't an issue because I am waiting for the clear glass base to come in stock.

Also can ne1 recommend me a mini hookah from that won't "shoot up" water when inhaling? How's the maya qt?

Thanks for your time!
if you tried something and you love it then get what you like and know is good to your tastes. hookah is a hobby and made for relaxation so if something meets your needs you might not like some one elses opinion stick with what you like thats my advise to you. thats is why they make so many shisha flavors for each persons taste and smoke prefrence. FYI mya is a reputable company but it is very delicate so you have to be careful with it,

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