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Default How to order or ask for tobacco

Ok, so I am having a problem. I am going into local stores to check and see if they have Hookahs and tobacco molasses. I find that I run into Middle Eastern and Indian people mostly and for some reason they never understand what I want. I went into one place and they had hookahs and I was asking about the tobaccos. I used just about every term I could think of and the lady looked at me and smiled and said I can't sell it to you without a license. I asked so you don't have a license to sell it (it was a tobacco shop and I can't imagine there being a separate licence for molasses). She said no not without license. I think we were getting our wires crossed but another place I went the guy thought I wanted Baklava. One of the hookah lounges thought I was asking about a drink. I need help. How do you refer to it when you are wanting to buy hookah tobacco. I have tried Hookah tobacco, tobacco for the hookah, tobacco molasses, molasses tobacco, my bastardization of moassel, Al Fakher, Nakhla, I am not saying something right or not saying the right terms. Only one dude figured it out and showed me the three boxes of Nakhla he had for 6 bucks a piece.
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