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Default Re: How to order or ask for tobacco

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
So so far no one calls it Shisha, Hookah tobacco, tobacco for hookah, molasses, tobacco molasses, molasses tobacco, shisha molasses, hookah molasses, Shisha tobacco, Al Fakher (or my bastardization of it), Nakhla (again my bastardization of it), or Moassel (again my bastardization of it).

I can pick Nakhla up and as long as I don't have to ask for it I do fine. I have Al Fakher written in Arabic in my wallet so if I have trouble with it again I will just whip that out. I just want to know what to ask for if you are completely incapable of pronouncing any term or name even remotely understandably whether you try or not.
Shisha is the name of the pipe actually not the tobacco. And it's widely used. Call it a water pipe or nargile. I have zero luck here with Indian stores, only Arabic stores near me carry anything hookah related.
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