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Originally Posted by reality- View Post
You guys know I smoke regular like 3 times a day.. and I have alot of shisha as some of u seen on my pics.. And most of them smokes very good.. but this starbuzz irish cream smells good, looks good, but tastes very little.. I can taste the irish crema taste and it is good taste but its too mild.. I'd tried many different ways.. very dissapointing.. still intrested if Im doing something wrong or this is bad batch.. Maybe I should send any of u guys a sample and you can try it out..
go with less heat. for star buzz i only use 2 cocos instead of 3 on my mod bowl and leave a slightly larger gap below the foil. it takes a while to heat up but you can go 2+ rounds of coals (i found adding them on one at a time instead of full recoal works better to keep from getting it too hot and getting weird tastes)

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