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Default What does it all mean!? Hookah, Shisha, Maassel, Tobamel, Narghile?

I have had so many people rip me in comments about using the word Hookah wrong, and telling me that is not what it is called. But ya know what!? That is what Americans and people in India call it .. and that is what I am calling it, since I am living in the states.

Educational (Read at your own Risk! You might learn something!)
The term "Hookah" is what they refer to it in India (they also call it Hubbly Bubbly or Hubble Bubble). Americans adopted the word "Hookah" from them, and that is how it has come to be referred to as here in the United States.

Now let me ask you this ..
If I call tennis shoes, sneakers or kicks. Am I wrong? You know what I am talking about right?
If I call a house a crib or mi casa, you do know what I am talking about, correct?
How about a car? What if I called it an automobile or whip, or my ride? Would you be totally lost in translation?
If you live in the US? and want to go to a bar to smoke some of this delicious flavored tobacco with your friends, what do you call one of these such establishments? yeah a "Hookah Bar!" and for the record .. I am NOT saying this is the ONLY word, I am saying that this is the term we have grown to know here in the United States and some other places as well. There are MULTIPLE words referring to any one particular item in different cultures.

I received this comment recently on youtube:
"amateur. come to the middle east and learn how to do it properly and to learn the correct names for the stuff you are using."

My response:
"Thanks for the constructive criticism! Actually there are many words such as narghile / shisha / hubbly bubbly / dhoom netra / dakka or any other words you would like to use to describe your smoking device. In the US and India we use the word "Hookah" to describe this smoking device. It is not that I am wrong, you are just uneducated to the fact that there are multiple names used for one object. I would very much enjoy seeing you do a video of your technique, I enjoy learning new techniques! thx"

^ You know me, always the one to give a well thought out response and deal with people in a positive manner.

OK! So NOW, let's educate each other!
What are some of the terms you have heard used for "Tobacco" or for the "Smoking Device"?

Tobacco: also referred to as ..
shisha, maassell, tobamel
(and before you say I am spelling shisha wrong (or something else) it can be spelled differently by some countries!)

Smoking Device: also referred to as ..
hookah (most commonly used in India and America), narghile, shisha, hubbly bubbly, dhoom netra, dakka, goza, ghalyoun, qualyan, water pipe
(again, before you say I am spelling something wrong, it can be spelled differently by some countries, such as .. argileh, narkeela, ghalyan, hubble bubble)

So now it is out there, this much needed topic of discussion! Let's talk about it and learn some new names and spellings, etc.

And feel free to comment on anything I have said .. have you ever had people rip on you for terminology you have used?
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