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Default Re: What does it all mean!? Hookah, Shisha, Maassel, Tobamel, Narghile?

received this comment recently on youtube:
"amateur. come to the middle east and learn how to do it properly and to learn the correct names for the stuff you are using."

My response:
"Thanks for the constructive criticism! Actually there are many words such as narghile / shisha / hubbly bubbly / dhoom netra / dakka or any other words you would like to use to describe your smoking device. In the US and India we use the word "Hookah" to describe this smoking device. It is not that I am wrong, you are just uneducated to the fact that there are multiple names used for one object. I would very much enjoy seeing you do a video of your technique, I enjoy learning new techniques! thx"

Owned! I agree with you wholeheartedly Sambooka. Hope i spelled that right. lol
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