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Default Re: What does it all mean!? Hookah, Shisha, Maassel, Tobamel, Narghile?

Originally Posted by hookahplayer21 View Post
received this comment recently on youtube:
"amateur. come to the middle east and learn how to do it properly and to learn the correct names for the stuff you are using."

My response:
"Thanks for the constructive criticism! Actually there are many words such as narghile / shisha / hubbly bubbly / dhoom netra / dakka or any other words you would like to use to describe your smoking device. In the US and India we use the word "Hookah" to describe this smoking device. It is not that I am wrong, you are just uneducated to the fact that there are multiple names used for one object. I would very much enjoy seeing you do a video of your technique, I enjoy learning new techniques! thx"

Owned! I agree with you wholeheartedly Sambooka. Hope i spelled that right. lol
Yeah when people write me stuff like that, I will usually respond! and other users will respond too! They backed me up recently on some other comment in my latest vid.

Some dipshyt left me the commend:
"loser with no fucking life"

lol my subscribers tore him up! It is amazing somebody would say something like that to me for trying to do something productive, yet they have nothing better to do than to post crap like that on peoples videos!? haha

my response to him?
"My life is fuk'n GREAT! If you could live in my shoes for a week, you would probably kill yourself after you come to the realization of how pathetic your life really is! You have nothing better to do than to post a comment like you did? .. and you state that I have no life? lol .. take the time to think about that one.

Thanks to everyone backing me up and marking his comment as a "poor comment". Cheers!"

His comment got deleted or something by youtube. I was gonna leave it up for more subscribers to tear him up! It's good to know there are some good people out there! Most people are pretty cool, and laugh with me about how I can't pronounce al fakher.

We had an exchange student from Japan when I was young. hahahaha he couldn't pronounce L's he would pronounce them as R's so we took him out for seafood and he said "Robster!" haha but we knew what he was trying to say, and tried to constructively help him, but with English being a second language for him, some words and letters are just to hard to say.

Like how I have trouble saying Al Fakher, I speak a little French and English is my primary .. so that is why it comes out sounding all fuked up! and a little French lol! Oh well!? You know what I am trying to say, so just laugh at my accent and enjoy the video!
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