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Default Re: How to order or ask for tobacco

Well yeah ok Hookah comes best I can tell from a British bastardization coming from when they first took over India. That was the best they could make of huqu. I have no idea why we started calling the tobacco Shisha. Well the Indian lady was having a hard time understanding me which I think is odd since well they speak English and she runs a store. I think she thought I was asking if she would sell me a hookah or some tobacco without a lisence which was why I specifically asked the clarification quesiton of you need a license to sell Shisha tobacco? She said yes. But I did think about showing her my license so I could ask her questions without her giving me that smile. The thing is they have Hookahs and in my experience the tobacco stores here that have hookahs usually have a small selection somewhere of Shisha tobacco.

By the way I have about resigned myself to just using American terminology because just like when people get angry about generalizing their background here and want you to refer to them by the country of their origen as if you can look at someone and tell that I can't look at someone and tell what to call the pipe or the tobacco. For me Shisha as the pipe and Shisha tobacco makes sense for the tobacco but no one goes by that.

I suppose my biggest issue is no matter what I call it no one understands me. Maybe my accent is worse than I thought and I just sound like I walked right out of deliverance or maybe I just look like I would prefer Baklava to Shisha tobacco. LOL. Who knows.
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