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Default Re: need an expert opinion

Hmm I don't really like retail shops onsite. I have gotten 2 mini hookahs from there and both were very modded. One had a broken hose attatchment valve. Smoked like crap. The other I go about a year and a half ago and it has started to rust and the stem fell of multiple times. I've attatched it with super glue LOL. I'm actually smokin blue myst out of it now. I also got a hookah for Xmas last year which was retailed at about 150$ according to my friend, but I have no idea what it is... i took a few pics with my phone and when I come back i'll upload it to see if ne1 can guess LOL. Worst part is... it leaks via the pear, so I am about to T.T and Q.Q

I'm still stuck between the the last two i posted....
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