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Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
go with less heat. for star buzz i only use 2 cocos instead of 3 on my mod bowl and leave a slightly larger gap below the foil. it takes a while to heat up but you can go 2+ rounds of coals (i found adding them on one at a time instead of full recoal works better to keep from getting it too hot and getting weird tastes)


I have 5 other starbuzz flavours and all smoke great actually.. so it is only the irish cream.. Ive tried it in egyptian standard, in mnh glass jet phunnel and in medium tangiers bowl with scalli and pharaoe foil.. tried it with exoticas, ch naturals and another smaller coal.. Ive tried everything thats enough for my other like 60 flavours of moasell I have , and I tried it just the other day so yeah.. It smells good, doesnt get burned, tastes ok.. but very mild, not overwhelming at all!

So yeah thanks sambooka agreed with me so now I know Im not insane

Sorry for beeing of topic.. Anyway my friend that blue mist should work good! If you enjoyed the irish cream you will enjoy blue mist even more I promise you that! just use less heat but I would split up heat so smaller coals on different places of the bowl would do good I think.
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