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Originally Posted by highlight View Post
You are right BAC is the reason why you feel drunk.
Okay you absorb nutrients/h2o through you stomach lining. The liver breaks down compounds in the blood including chemicals (etoh) that can be absorbed through capillaries into cells- skin cells, muscle cells, nerves, etc. Your lungs do have a ton of capillaries and you can absorb stuff into them through you blood stream, but think of how many molecules of alcohol you can carry in smoke. Tell me this, after you were done smoking was there malibu left in the base or did u smoke it all? Take some basic phys.

Actually, your liver breaks down alcohols into their basic molecular components, you only absorb alcohol into your blood stream after you've consumed more than your liver can filter.

By breathing in alcohol vapor, its absorbed directly into the blood stream without the ability to be broken down, cause your intoxication level to rise much faster, leading to alcohol poisoning.

So please folks, don't kill yourselves by smoking too much out of bases filled with pure alcohol. Mix a few shots in with your water to get the flavor, otherwise you're doing damage to your body.
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