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Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
ok, trust me, one beer is not going to get me buzzed, but inhalign a deep drag off the hookah last night and holding it in allowing the smoke to absorb into my longs got me messed up, not overly so, but more than any one beer would. My friend who wasn't drinking anything at all also got a little drunk off it. And trust me, i know the difference between a nicotine buzz and an alcohol buzz.
Im not taking part of who is right and wrong in this discussion cus Im not familiar at all with the biology and the factors that would get you drunk by inhaling or whatever.
But I can say that the mind can play a trick on you.. Psychology is really deep and it could either fool you into getting a bit drunk with help of the nicotine or evenw ithout it in some cases..
You could do a test, next time you take som very light alcohol and jsut use alittle in the base. So you just get the taste and smell of it, then tell your friends who was with you last time that you have used alot more alchohol this itme and that you was surely getting drunk.
They would probably feel the same effects you guys did last time because thats what their minds except.

Or you could fill it up with very much alchocol and try it with someone who hasnt smoked much hookah and say its just the taste in the shisha and none alchohol is used. And u'll see that maybe they dont get "drunk" at all, this way you can see if it was really drunk from alchohol or if your mind played tricks on you
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