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Default Fusion Exotic Candy + SunnyD Strawberry

I don't seem to have access to post in the review section, so my apologies. Maybe it can be moved sooner or later

Ok so I got an email from my professor stating that I haven't turned in one of my Economics assignments. Oh god! What atrocities this can do to your grade especially in this subject...

Without hesitation I emailed him explaining that I overlooked the assignment because we were having a middterm exam that week. I asked him if I could send it in late for any amount of points and here is the story of my adventure because I decided to write the paper without receiving his response:

Brand and Flavor:

Shisha Cut:
Medium / Contains Honey

Hookah Type:

Mine has a modded blue LED in the middle

45 Minutes + // I smokes this in my garage because I don't smoke it anywhere else, and the outside temperature became room temperature... Very Cold LOL!


I used the top yellow bowl. It is small & also positive it is ceramic.

Foil / Screen:
I used whatever foil was on sale in Shopright. I am not very picky when it comes to this, although next time, I will try a more heavy duty type. Also remember glossy side down!!!

Coal / Amount:

I used one 40mm Dodo coal right in the middle of the small bowl. I ash it every 10-15 minutes. The coal has no taste at all and lights very quickly. Highly recommend it too because it is cheap

The smoke is very thick especially comin out of a pumpkin. I was in a giant fluffy cloud.

Hmmm I don't really get a buzz anymore. This is #2 nonbuzzer for me. The first one is starbuzz.

Smell / Flavor:
Smells and tastes like cotton candy Was smoking with one of my friends and she even said so. Strawberry SunnyD added a nice touch of fruit.

Final thoughts:
I smoked one earlier with a water base and the experience wasn't as pleasant. I was a lot calmer even writing the damn paper LOL. I would highly recommend grabbing a sampler of this just to try it...

Here is the link:

Thanks Guys!

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