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Default Re: My first Tangiers Experience

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
I think it seems so komplicated to acclimate it,
Are you kidding me?! You open the freaking bag and leave it exposed to the air for like 4-6 hours and stir it every once in a while. How is that complicated?

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
difficult to get going
Again, how is it difficult? you put it in the bowl without fluffing it up, basically take it out of the bag in clumps without breaking it up. Put 2X as many holes in the foil and use 1/2 the coal you would normally use. Why is that difficult to get going?

Reality, you have already said you have never tried it, how is it you can come on here and criticize it based on the things you heard about it? It seems to me you dont have a horse in this race unless you have actually tried it, so while I appreciate you trying to give your opinion on the subject I dont think you really gave your opinion since you dont have one of your own.
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