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Default Re: My first Tangiers Experience

Why do you post out what I write you in PM? thought it stand for private messaging .. how ridicolus you just make me look.. for what.. ? for me messing you in pm thinking your response was inaccuratly heavy against me and felt it was like a attack for no reason? anyone would have written what you did alot nicer thats what I want to say. never mind man why you even posting this here, it was written in a private message to you and you're a mod...never mind.. whatever.. *lost respect*

back to topic

of course I can have a opinion about what I THINK seem complicated even if I havent a "horse in this race"?? I read much forum and I have smoked very much shisha except tangiers and never heard any to be acclimated so. some ppl say it must be the right degree and air humidity and Ive read of problems with tangiers process and that its special to use .. even got a whole guide of it here: which I read and see it has its own section both for acclimating tangiers and to packing and smoking it so theres where I got my quesctions "I think it seems so komplicated to acclimate it, is it even worth it, is it betetr then nakhla" and so on..
why such a hard angry aggressive response to that like I just said the most stupid thing and like Im a idiot "how is it you can come on here and criticize it based on the things you heard about it?" and my opinion doesnt count.. well look at my post it was not like I made a opinion and said "thats how it is" I was asking as well as you see in my respons "got it.. I will try it next order"

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