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Default Re: What does it all mean!? Hookah, Shisha, Maassel, Tobamel, Narghile?

I am sure Shisha came from Shisha tobacco and got shortened because we used Hookah to describe the pipe so to us there was a difference. It actually bothers me to call it Shisha instead of Shisha tobacco. Partly because I know so many Egyptians. Hookah as I have said comes from British India. When the settlers came in they had a hard time adjusting to the water pipe. There were journal entries where they wrote about not liking the Hookahs and is there not a way to fit in without having to learn to smoke them. It was a social thing and so you do it. The American comes from that as I am sure it was the British who we first got it from or from British India. Obviously the fancy flavored tobaccos came from other places as we came to learn of them as Shisha tobacco.

I do have a problem with calling the tobacco Shisha because so many of the store owners and hookah smokers here come from cultures where that is a pipe and it seems to be a confusion. I also just prefer the term Shisha or hookah as a pipe probably because they are the two I hear most often. I struggled with terminology for a while. What will I call it and all that. I think like Samb does we live in America and Americans call it hookah. It seems pretentious to me to call it Shisha because well I am not Egyptian. I can when talking to my Egyptian friends but they know what I am talking about when I say hookah and I know what they are talking about when they say Shisha. I usually try to say Shisha out of respect though.

Question what are they called in Pakistan?
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