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Default Re: How to order or ask for tobacco

Originally Posted by RushN24 View Post
Excellent! Only a few more weeks and its yours. It is going to be so nice after these long months of waiting! Are you looking for a particular tobacco that you can't find? Maybe me or someone else on the site has access to it and can send you some. I don't get anything special here Nakhla, Fakher, and Starbuzz. Everything else I order online.
A few more weeks indeed. I am excited. I guess she is looking forward to the long months of waiting for her dream rat cages as well. LOL. I have almost everything cut now just have to finish the assembly. These puppies are going to be tough as hell to move.

No not looking for anything specific just trying to find out what people around here have. Tons of the stores here carry it but no one ever understands me when I ask for it. I was persistent enough with one to find out they had three boxes of tobacco two Nakhla and one that I can't remember. I have a good stock pile of 50g samples but I am just trying to find out where I can grab some cheap and where I can grab some fast. Some of these places are open more than others and some are more convenient to me. So it is all about getting a feel for the stores here. If I can avoid paying shipping I like to go that route. And if I can get Nakhla for 4.50 with no shipping it is that much better.
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