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Default Re: My first Tangiers Experience

This is my just my personal opinion .. but I feel I need to voice my opinion, I am entitled to it

I am gonna back up what reality- said! I agree, it does SEEM complicated! Why do you have to acclimate, stir, acclimate, and if it still smells like BBQ just acclimate it longer. Ohhh and you need a special "bowl" to smoke the stuff. An over-sized bowl to really "pack" that tobacco in it! (what a waste in my opinion) .. he is perfectly intitiled to his opinion of not wanting to make the effort based on the "special needs" required for only one shisha tobacco! I don't blam him one bit for not wanting to make the effort. Especially when there is some great Nakhla out there for half the price! With Nakhla you can just Pack and Smoke!

As for my opinion ... I've given it a couple tries now. Got some watermelon back when I was a n00b and wow oh wow, did that crap smell like BBQ! So I asked alllllll the n00b questions and tried a couple of times to "get it right" .. I let it "acclimate" I stirred, I acclimated, I stirred, I setup the bowl I poked the holes, followed all the rules and regulations and laws to a T, then it had a tolerable smoke taste with just a light hint of BBQ smoke. Go ahead and tell me I didn't acclimate it long enough!? lol (I did for like 3-4 days) there was no watermelon flavor! .. but in the end I ended up trading to some other sucker (I feel bad about it now, but not at the time) ..

Let's Try This Again!: I received some juicy peach, which I heard was amazing!! Ya know sometimes I wonder where this information of "amazing" is coming from or what their definition of "amazing" is!? Because it was that BBQ smell! So I acclimated .. and same old smell of BBQ, so another day, same smell, I even called the manufacturer and he said to let it sit out till it "acclimated" to my humidity, so yet another day, same smell and one more day, same smell! It was a terrible smoke, tasted like light BBQ smoke. The smell never changed. I really want to give a fair shot to this tobacco that is why I maid the effort and even called the manufacturer.

Another Try: I tried some Blueberry, and it was ok. I smoked it with someone that was really into it. So he was an expert about the proper setup so no more excuses right! Ok so we are smoking it, and it is ok, a VERY faint blueberry smell and some nice clouds. I said the smell was very light and I mean VERY LIGHT! So then the excuse he tells me is, "oh well blueberry is really sensitive to humidity shock" but we were smoking in his house where he acclimated it.

Oh Heck I'll Try It Again: Huskysibe sent me some Orange Soda, so I acclimated it and tried it out. Not bad! Especially compared to my above experiences. It was the best one yet .. but not as strong of a flavor that I would have thought it would be. At best it was a faint orange smoke flavor. Again, I am just waiting to hear that I didn't "acclimate" it long enough, or do this or that right!? haha, come on I have been doing this long enough to know how to follow directions, I have heard them a thousand times before!

Maybe It's Me? Try Again?: I've got some Kiwi and Vanilla (and both have no kiwi or vanilla smell, just a BBQ'ish smell) BUT I WILL acclimate it and try it one of these days. I am NOT giving up hope! I want to try!! but so far it has been epic failure
... I also have some Kashmir Peach, of course I hear those famous two words "its amazing"! It does not smell too bad actually, so I will acclimate and try that as well. I am actually kinda looking forward to that one because I like the spice/peach smell (please don't let me down again!)

OK, NOW Let's talk about the Lucid Line!?
The Lucid line is pack and smoke, no BS acclimating and special requirements necessary! Hooray!

SO! I have gotten some Lucid Line - Watermelon (always looking for a good watermelon flavor) so I am really excited to try this, and you can all expect an honest review! I haven't opened the bag yet, but if you hold it up to your nose you can definitely smell some watermelon through the bag .. Mmmm! (please don't let me down!)

So there ya have it, that is off my chest! If you want to try it, then by all means GO FOR IT! But if someone else doesn't like it, well that is their opinion! We are all entitled to our own opinion! Whether we have tried it or not (it definitely is a needy tobacco when it comes to setting it up, I've dated girls that require less prep time , and if that much setting up and special attention for a smoke turns someone off, then that is completely understandable!)

Scoop has written a great thread on setting up Tangiers and if any Members need help, they should be referred to that thread! PERIOD!

Here it is for everyones reference (with pictures and everything!):
.. Thanks again for putting this together Scoop!
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