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Default Re: My first Tangiers Experience

Originally Posted by iamscott06 View Post
I guess you could say I am pretty lucky.. Maybe its because I live in Ohio? Not much weather/humidity change?
I think that's what Sambooka is having troubles with since he's in FL. I don't know how Jacksonville compares with St. Petersburg, Fl but when I'm in St. Pete the humidity is extremely different to that of San Diego. I was smoking Tangiers Pear last night here in San Diego and I just couldn't get it tasting right because of the rapid changed in temp/humidity here lately.

Acclimation isn't a hoax, or excuse, it's a reality. Humidity changes and moisture in the air effects things from guitar strings, to how your skin feels, to sinuses, to electronics and yes, even tobacco. Also, peoples preferences differ. I can't stand the way root beer tastes but there are tons of people who love the stuff. Dunkel doesn't like Tangiers Tobacco but iamscott06 does. This is what makes the world so great, people enjoy different things and no one if forcing them to.

Finally, you can pack tangiers in an egyptian bowl the size you prefer. The tobacco was smoked in regular bowls long before the phunnel came about and nothing has changed. If you think the phunnel was created to make users waste tobacco then your thoughts are skewed. If you're worried about wasting tobacco in a phunnel you can do what many people do and after smoking, scrape off the top layer and reuse the unburnt tobacco at the bottom of the bowl.

I can see how reality- may feel the acclimation process is a little complex, especially id he's not used to doing such a thing to tobacco. My advice is to read as much information as you can on this forum and the internet in general to get a good idea of what to do and you'll see that it's quite a simple process. Also, with everything in life, practice makes perfect and if you have any questions please feel free to ask them or PM me.