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Default Re: My first Tangiers Experience

Well, here's my two cents:

1. Things like flavor (especially in a tobacco) are very very subjective.

2. None of the tobacco that we discussed are produced in large institutional batches like canned corn, so common sense says that there will be variation in what comes out, even though its the same brand and flavor.

I've had

Good Batches of Nahkla and Bad Batches of Nahkla
Good Batches of AF and Bad Batches of AF
Good Batches of Tangiers and Bad Batches of Tangiers

I've gotten to the point where I'm not willing to 100% write off any brand of tobacco. Much like Sambooka discussed above, I am always willing to take another stab at a brand for the two reasons I mentioned above.

As for people getting a little scrappy on the forums, I guess that is bound to happen. One thing I learned here is that if you are going to dish it out, you better have a thick skin for when it comes back around.

Reality, for someone that has historically been quick to negatively criticise almost everything on this site (including the photo's people share in thier albums, which I personally think is tasteless on your behalf). You seem to get awfully bent out of shape when people question your thoughts on a tobacco that you have not smoked yet.

I know that I have learned to think about other's reaction when I make a post, and I invite newer (and older) members to do the same.