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Default Re: How to order or ask for tobacco

Ah Baraka has an isle dedicated to Shisha tobacco and coals. No messy interaction with the sales people until I am paying for it. But they are kind of a small grocery so I am not sure they will always be open or there may be times I don't have time or whatever to drive all the way to Brentwood/South Nashville to get tobacco so the few places where it is a buck or two more is convenient. But true if I can't get them to understand what I want them to pull out then it doesn't matter how good the deal is. I best just stock up at Baraka when I get the chance and no worries.

Basically the scouting is to build variety as well as convenience. Quite a few places have it so I may just have the guys here help me write out a few different terms in Arabic and whatever else I would need ( I suppose Farsi and Persian) and I will just use those when I am wanting to ask questions. LOL. "I would like to look at your **Point at the word** please."
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