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Default Boiling Tangiers and Chinese phunnel bowls


My bowls are gunked beyond repair LOL. Black burnt stuff is so sticky, tried a rough sponge and liquid dish soap, still nothing and it makes smoking sessions taste like crap.

So, I boiled an Egyptian clay bowl before, this time, I boiled 5 (2 chinese, 3 tangiers) bowls.

To learn from previous experience, I did the following:
[LIST][*]Used a bigger cooking utensil, so the bowl is completely submerged.[*]Added LOTS of liquid dish soap to the water, I figured water by itself won't de-gunk much of the sticky stuff.[*]Boiled for a much longer time, about an hour or something.[/LIST]Verdict? All bowls except one are completely degunked, I used my fingers to scrub off the remnants, they came off easier than ever.

Btw, let me go off topic and say that chinese is better than tangiers, burnt tobacco tends to not stick to them like tangiers.

Warning: let the bowls cool off in the cooking utensil before rinsing them, otherwise they might crack because of the sudden big change in temperature.

Now I can use my bowls again, nice and easy

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