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Default Re: Tongs for loading bowl?

some people do but i dont, i think its a waste of time and makes a mess, same with using the fork method on tangiers.

i mix the shisha up usually by kneading the zip lock its in, shaking the jar or just stirring it with a tooth pick or a fork. you need to fluff the shisha and its much hard to do with anything other than your hands.

basically using a tool to do something you can do with your hands makes it much harder, in fact this idea is one of the biggest things any one in jewelry/metal working will learn. if you can do it with your hands it will work better for the most part, also the reason glass blowing is hard (among other reasons but any way) you cannot touch the glass... well you could but you wouldnt have a finger after about 30 seconds so you have to use tools to be the extensions of your hands.

kinda went off on a tangent, but use you hands and rinse them off after you pack the bowl

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