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Default the Legal age of 18

now i am sure everyone is going to get mad about me talking about this, but i after reading/posting hookahninja's "cops have my hookah" i noticed everyone got mad at me after i expressed that i felt that i dont think its a big deal for kids under 18 to smoke tobacco. so the past couple days ive been thinking this... why. why do we smoke until our bodies cant handle anymore for the night but its considered wrong and looked down upon when a minor smokes. why is the age 18 to begin with im guessing some will say because when they are an adult they can choose to make a choice of bad health, but then its ok to give them a license at the age of 16? where they are not only putting there own health at risk but others as well.

i apologize to the people who get mad about the feelings i have on this subject but i cant get this out of my head
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