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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

I'm willing to say all kids in high school who smoke hookah/cigarettes, strictly do it to look cool. When i was in high school anyone who smoked had to make sure EVERYONE knew, be obnoxious about it, and do some ridiculous shit to seem cool whilst doing it. Not because they enjoyed smoking, because it was like a fashion statement. Most of them did it so wrong anyways.

Whereas someone older and wiser most likely has more mature thoughts and is more likely choose to smoke because it's something they truly get enjoyment out of, not solely how it makes them look to their peers. This is a generalization of course. Simply making the more logical choice. Now this has nothing to do with the laws and whatnot, just how i see it and what i think when i see kids smoking, mostly cigarettes but a bunch of 14 year olds with hookahs while i was on stickam also.
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