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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

they have ages to regulate stuff. the us has put alcohol at 21 because they think that is a safe age to start consuming it with all the developmental crap, were other countries think 16 or 18 is fine. same kind of idea with smoking along with the whole adult thing, it also makes it easier for parents to control their kids actions (how hard is it to keep a small child from eating what they want, think how hard it would be to stop a teenager to not smoke if it was legal for them to do so).

now they way some places laws are written you can smoke if you are under 18 its just you cannot buy it, its a really stupid weird loop hole some places have.

i get the age restrictions but i think 21 for alcohol is illogical compared to the smoking thing, at least for highschool there are not a whole lot of 18 year olds (ya but we all know its still easy to get tobacco) but in college half the students are 21 or older so alcohol is easier to get that water some times.

i think most of the age and legality of substances in general should get tossed out and just stated as a whole that anything but tobacco cannot be consumed or under the influence of when driving or any of that stuff and just put them all as DUI/DWIs. save a lot of money on all the bs and make stuff safer
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