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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

In highschool everyone who smoked did it to look cool/older/cool & older lol. And it was all cigs, only my close friends even knew I smoked hookah.

There was this kid i knew the air force who loved to smoke so much he'd smoke like 3 cigs at once, just to show how much he loved it and how cool he was. He was a tool.

laws are there for a reason, and the system is in place for you to change said laws. Cops have to enforce laws, thats their job, they're not supposed to pick and choose.

I started early, I won't lie, but I know if my dad knew he'd have kicked my ass, not cause its illegal but cause he's a lung doctor

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner
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