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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

I don't think anyone personally cares, but it's the law, period. I starting smoking hookah at 16 as well, but I wasn't under 18 when I joined this forum. That's what it's about. You can smoke all you want under 18, good for you, but the law in the US is legally 18, 19 in some states like mine, and we don't want under-age people, who are saying they are doing something illegal, on the forum. There's lots of other "smoking" forums out there for you to join no matter what age.

By law, a until you are a minor you cannot make your own decisions because you have bad judgement. I don't judge people who smoke under 16, if they wanna smoke a hookah that's great. But on the forum the rules state you must be 18.

This same argument can be used for abortion, joining the army, buying adult films...etc. The list goes on man.

Ohh and if someone is 16, and I send them tobacco in a trade, that's illegal and I will get in legal trouble all because some kid is a little liar.

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