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Question New to Hookah...few questions


My girlfriend bought me a hookah for my birthday, so I'm pretty new to all this stuff. I had a couple of questions, and was hoping I could get some insight here.

During one of our smoke sessions, my hookah was almost working too well. There was so much smoke in the base, that I could barely inhale it without getting a burning sensation. I figured out that if I removed the charcoal from the top for a few minutes, it died down and it let me smoke enjoyably again. My question(s) is this. Why did that happen? What's the best way to prevent that from happening again?

Does shisha tobacco expire? The reason I ask is because after one of our smoking sessions the other night, my girlfriend got very sick and nauseas. I was ok, but a little dizzy. We smoked a pina colada flavored tobacco (and we have smoked this before) but this time seemed a bit different. What would cause nausea while smoking?

What is the best way to store tobacco? Currently, I leave it in a ziplock baggie, which is in a tupperware container, in a drawer in my room. I'm not if it should be stored at room temp or in a fridge.

That's all I got for right now. If I think of anything else, I'll post it up here. Thanks for any advice/insight.
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