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Default Re: New to Hookah...few questions

Cool thanks for the info guys.

Thanks for your information.
I was careful to not over pack the bowl, or to pack it too tightly. I think your first suggestion is what happened, which has made me question my method of getting the charcoal going...I think I might be doing it wrong.

What type of coal do you recommend? I'm using 3 kings charcoal.

So, it was burning instead of baking...I see. What's the best method for charcoal placement then? Currently, the charcoal i use comes in one big brisket, which I light up, then put on the tin foil. I saw this one guy on the internet use this stick of charcoal which he broke into 3 pieces, then arranged it in a triangle form on top of the foil. What's your method?

Either way, I think I'm doing something wrong. When you say "fully light" do you mean that it's white/gray instead of black?

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