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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
well, here in germany we were allowed to smoke with the age of 16 until 2007. they changed the laws up to 18. I dont know why, but it is not a big deal. you can buy everything, if you are younger. i also never had a problem, ordering tobacco from the USA. no one asked for a copy of the passport or identity card, like they sometimes do it here.

another question: why cant you drink alcohol before your 21 birthday
guess thats more pointless. alcohol is less harmful, than tobacco. i can buy beer, wine and stuff like that since im 16 and vodka, whiskey and other "hard" liquids since i am 18.

i think its just a problem of our modern world
e.g. in eastern europe, you can buy everything with, lets say, 8 years, it depends on the tip, you give to the vendor. (i didnt want to say eastern europe isnt modern, but law there is much different and you can do nearly everything there)
Alcohol is a lot more dangerous. Cigs don't nec. affect your judgement, alcohol does. Even adults act like because they were drunk what they did the other night wasn't their fault. if a minor drinks, oh god.
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