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Default Re: All Nakhla Experts (Help needed)

Originally Posted by krampi View Post
The problem is the same here. There are soo many expired Nakhla tobaccos in Hungary. I mean most of them are dry as hell, has no flavour and no smoke either. But if u can get fresh Nakhla tobacco from somewhere, thats the way to go! There is nothing better, than a bowl of nice fresh Nakhla. Yum-Yum
I beg to differ. For instance, taking a nice hit off a car exhaust goes down much smoother and produces bigger clouds.

But in all seriousness, I couldn't tell you what's wrong. People are going to say heat management, make sure tobaccos not touching the foil, etc. but I'm sure you've heard that song and dance. Honestly Nakhla doesn't do it for me, I've always found it to only have a slight flavor to it. Maybe it's the same way for you
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