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Default Re: Boston Smoke Ban

this is so stupid, its the whole protect the people from them selves, while i am a "liberal" or a "democrat" i think this stuff is pure bull shit for lack of a better term. if a building is designated as a smoking place and that is its only purpose than it is not making any one be around smoke who does not wish to be.

i remember some one recently said how a guy that owned a lounge got around it where he was, they smoked out side and then when they needed more space the inside was a "a private smoking club" the cost to join was the same as one hookah session and you got a free one when you joined.

im ok with outlawing smoking in restaurants, maybe in bars (kinda stupid but ok ) but shutting down businesses whos sole purpose is tobacco and has people smoking inside is retarded. next we are going to get the whole "you cannot smoke indoors any where) if its my property they can screw off.

and really not selling tobacco around college campuses, come on if people want to smoke they have the damn right to, they are adults and can do what they want

can we split the country up into the 6-7 countries that it should be split into already

fu**in' retaaaarted </ annoying boston accent>


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