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Default Re: Favorite Starbuzz, fantasia and tangiers

"I know you're trying to get away from the AF that you were so loyal too. I just wish there is a breakthrough in shisha someday as I don't think any of them are super great anymore"

John knows it, i was as loyal as it gets to AF but recently i have had way too many bad batches compared to good ones, maybe 50/50, so just wanna try something i know will smoke good, i would love AF to get back to the old days when you knew that everything single tub was gonna be how it should be.

Maybe starbuzz is the answer but it is way to expensive but it works out similar to AF if you see how many bad batches they are.

Should have listened to you John earlier about Melon Dew, i wanna try some now, might have to put a order in soon for some new flavours and hope it comes before christmas n
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