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Default Re: uber sad face, order coming tuesday and im getting sick

This is my buddy studd's remedy, he is the goofy looking kid w/ the blonde hair in my early vids:

2 Shots Wild Turkey
4oz water
1 Melted Halls
a dash of Chloraseptic
microwave till warmed.

You could have a post nasal drip going, if so, I suggest a sinus rinse of some sort. the netti ***, or the bottle (that works better for me). its kind of like a douche for your sinus, it feels weird the first time you do it, but you can breathe so well afterwards. and youd be amazed at the gunk that comes out.

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner
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