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Default Which KM is the best?

Ok, im about to put in my order for 2 new KM's
one for me and one for a friend. We have never owned one, but after reviewing the topics on this forum im convinced KM's are the way to go.

So i was wondering which KM is best? if there is a best and why?

Do they all have the wide stem it's renowned for?

Which material is best for stem: Copper, brass, stainless steel...?

Also when im looking on certain sites, It's description sometimes says stamped with the KM logo. Does that mean it is in any way better? or the others are just knock offs?

And finally do they all have wide hose ports?

Im asking all this because i want to ensure i get a quality product and dont want to make a mistake in my purchase.

So any help is always very appreciated. Thanks.
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