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Default Re: uber sad face, order coming tuesday and im getting sick

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
if its chest congestion, take mucinex.

if its sinus, use the rinse, its cheap, and you just need the bottle, the solution is table salt and baking soda, and you dont even need the baking soda, thats to lower the ph a tad, but for me it really no different.
i almost wish it was chest cause musenex is my hero (just dont accidentally take it too often, i read the label wrong and took it twice as often as i should have one time and wow, i was messed up, terrible terrible). i wish i could get in on blow gun darts cause my roommate should have been talking it for his cough that has lasted 4 weeks.

i think im going to pop some good old nightquil tonight and drink some lemonade with baking soda in it to help raise the PH to help kill of any stuff in my system

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