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Default Re: uber sad face, order coming tuesday and im getting sick

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
so last night i started to get a little tickle in my throat so i smoked some nakhla lemon and af mint but not this is starting to get the makings of a cold and i have my first order form CH/HJ coming on tuesday with some really nice stuff (3X250 af: cola, mint, golden grape, SB blue myst, citrus myst, and cola for a friend, 4 boxes of nat coals 1 of those for my friend, and some 50 grams of layalian key lime, nakhla earl gray and AF orange)

gar i did really good this semester, this is the first year in probably 4+ years i didnt get sick until this late in the year

don't let it stop you from smoking! I am getting over the flu, had a temp of 101.6 and stuffy nose etc, but I still smoked a bowl each day
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