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Well, if you want less buzz make sure you eat/drink something before you smoke. Use natural coals if you have a stove, it's really worth that extra effort. I used to smoke with QL's and when I went back to them after a week of trying naturals I almost puked. Make sure the coals are fully lit and don't use too much heat (put less coals with a windcover and let the tobacco heat for the first 5 minutes). And obviously don't chain smoke, give it 20-60 seconds between each good pull. Also I hope your leila isn't your main hookah...

Now for brands...Romman in my opinion is trash for it's price. I tried so hard to love that brand but it just didn't work. I tried around 10 flavors, and only Banana split and watermelon were decent. Their berries are not bad but not the best. Also Romman gives a strong buzz in my opinion.

Alfakher is great (even though they haven't been very reliable in the past 2 years). I hear a lot about Nakhla but don't recommend it myself since it gives a sickening buzz from my experience.

My favorite brand is Fumrai, strong flavor, mild buzz, smooth smoke. A little pricy though, but definitley worth it. Their flavors that I recommend are:
Lemon Mint
Black Cherry

or just check their site for reviews.
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