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Default Re: Clear Stem Hookah

Originally Posted by StZero View Post
You could just find someone that blows glass to make you one, ive recently been in touch with a local artisan and he said he could possibly make one like that for around 300$, or spend the money on a better egyptian or sryian number
that is probably a pretty decent price too. glass blowers have to pay 30 bucks an hour to have studio time (unless they build a studio for them selves at 100K-500k) and then pay an assistant 200 bucks a day (you cannot blow glass alone, its just not possible with the way you have to work). clear glass that is the raw batch or cullet that is melted that we use to blow is 1 buck a pound at least and then color, heh, well color is 25-90 for a kilo of color glass, you dont need a lot to color something but its still really expensive... not to mention that you also need 2-5000 bucks in tools. (i toss this info out there to show how expensive it is to blow glass to start with so that everyone can appreciate the cost of handblown glass)

honestly i would probably go with the local artist to make one over medusa, or just blow it my self once i can make things that big, and it will be a one off instead of a production thing.
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