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Default Re: uber sad face, order coming tuesday and im getting sick

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
You may end up with a discharge other than nasal then.

I always load up on the combo decongestant expectorant and take with liberal swigs of whiskey and vodka. The classic is whiskey, lemon juice, and honey. The honey makes it all coat as it goes down and the lemon juice kills bacteria and boosts vitamin C while the whiskey just pretty much kills everything it comes in contact with. Mix all that with Rooibos tea and you have a formidable yet tasty weapon. There is also zinc tablets and getting as much of the Sobe Blizzard you can stand to drink. It has all kinds of disease fighting ingredients.
hmmm i have some flavored rooibos teas, but i only have a tiny bit of crow royal left, might try it tonight though.

gar the order came in early (it showed up at like 9 am today instead of tomorrow) and i really want to smoke but i i know i will not enjoy it at all being sick. im glad i got sick after i finished working on stuff for my art classes but of course i have 2 finals left still

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