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Default Re: ***Official Name This Hookah Thread***

Originally Posted by UXK View Post
thanks for all the input guys. i figured it wasnt something special but the pipe, 2 hoses, a couple 200g of SB, foil, and a full box of jap easy lites for 40 bucks i couldnt really pass it up. i need to clean the stem and hoses to get it to its full potential. it was used and i assume never cleaned but still smokes nicely.

sambooka & fezzik- when i was thinking of a thread title and i typed the title in i was thinking people would come in and give the hookah a name. haha.

and no i'm not the same guy. ive had this pipe for like 2 weeks now and because im still a noobie and camera shy ive taken no video. haha

hookahlife- you are correct about the diamonds. when i got it they were already loose but it doesnt smoking at all and cant tell when everything is put together and your not shaking it haha. the stem seems to be holding up for now. hopefully by the time it becomes loose ill have the extra cash to buy a better pipe.
Or at least a better stem
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