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Default Re: Cops have my hookah

Originally Posted by cghtnthndrtw View Post
Sorry bro, but that just doesn't fly. Cops are not a part of our armed forces. The fact that this line is being further blurred as time rolls on is fairly disturbing to be frank. Police have absolutely no business owning automatic/assault weapons as is often common fair nowadays. Local PD forces are virtually unaccountable to the degree that our military personnel are. You seriously trust these people to look after your safety and rights? I for one am completely uncomfortable with this idea. They are the ones infringing on your freedoms. And it takes little 'cause' for these armed, unaccountable forces to take your life. Police brutality has only risen over the years as this confrontational and legalistic mindset has become more popular.

As for those who are bashing this guy, regardless of your personal 'convictions' what do you think gives you the right to make a moral judgment call on anyone who smokes before they are 18? Because the law says so? Laws are constantly rewritten, the fact that you disregard a law because you don't agree with does not make it morally wrong unless you can provide an argument against a particular action/viewpoint via religious or philosophical means.
A) Back up your statements.

B) If you think the police are the major issue then go someplace else.

C) Yes I am comfortable. Try living in some place without a police force or god forbid a truly corrupt one. Go take your chances in Darfur and tell me what happens when you call the cops. We are lucky to live a comfortable and privileged life. There are countless people in the world that would give anything to have the life that we lead in this country.

D) I didn't bring it up because it was not topical before this point but stop generalizing. It's insulting to us that have family in the police force to hear people bash them so badly and treat them like they are all corrupt and evil people. There are bad people in all groups and organizations but the few do not define the many. Hatred is never an acceptable answer.

Bottom line. Public servants deserve our respect. Police put them selves in an extremely risky life and get bashed for doing so. The ARMED FORCES includes all of our government organizations that are allowed and required to carry or operate firearms or weaponry.

"The armed forces of a country are its government-sponsored defense, fighting forces, and organizations. They exist to further the foreign and domestic policies of their governing body, and to defend that body and the nation it represents from external and internal aggressors."

The police are the definition of our armed forces. Read a book.

Edit: I am not your bro.

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