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Default Re: Cops have my hookah

That is a very different post from the one I was referring to. You may wish to make yourself more clear in the future. The first implies that you dislike the police while the second says that you dislike the system. That is a statement I can partially agree with. While the system is far from perfect it is still one of the most ordered and safe in the world. That is not a point that can be argued. Compared to the corrupt and iron fisted forces of some other countries and areas we are extremely lucky. This does not mean I think we can not improve. But complaints and jeers do nothing. If you want to see a distinct change you should become the catalyst that spurns it forward. Go join the force. Be the change you wish to see.

My point above all else (as stated in my "bottom line") is that the police officers do a service for us that allows us to lead our lives the way we want to and the cop bashing that occurs in this country is pathetic. They deserve our respect and do not deserve to be treated like criminals because of those that would tarnish the name. No group deserves ridicule for the poor choice of the minority.

I have said my piece. I am sorry that this became an unpleasant discussion. I will not argue this point further. You made your points well and I am happy to have an "opponent" that wasn't just spouting nonsense. We have differing opinions but happily we live in a country that we are allowed this freedom, partially in thanks to the police.
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