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Default Re: Cops have my hookah

Thanks, I did not intend any offense towards you originally. And while I do disagree with the system, there are individuals who are to blame for it. The majority of these people are in higher ranking positions of government and have little to do with most members on the ground. And as for the merits of our system? I believe it can be argued, but you should probably understand that I'm coming from a very Libertarian point of view on this subject. I would love to see us move in the direction of a civilian based militia with little to no standing police. The reality of the situation is I don't believe the American society as a whole has progressed enough to make this a reality. Which is why I'm in favor of more oversight and less authority granted to civilian police than we currently do. As far as I'm concerned, it is the responsibility of the police to validate their actions, not the citizens; police should be the ones with the higher degree of suspicion as they are granted a great degree of authority.

Thanks for hearing my position out fully
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